site remediation oil spill

Soil Bioremediation Inc is a global supplier of environmental site remediation products for oil spills and land pollution cleanup, as well as hazardous waste management products and services. In the world today, pollution of the environment is an ongoing struggle faced by lawmakers, manufacturers and communities. Although preventative measures have been put in place to prevent pollution, it is an inevitable result of the industrialized world we live in today. An event like the 2010 BP spill has brought attention to the need for environmentally friendly alternatives to contamination clean-ups.

Soil Bioremediation Inc is exclusive distributor of oil-degrading bacteria, a patent-pending technology developed by Altogen Labs (USPTO application 13/490,508). Our bioaugmentation product (natural bacteria) provides highly effective alternative to naturally degrade toxic compounds, such as crude oil spills. Bioremediation products use natural mechanisms of bacterial oil digestion to convert toxic, cancerogenic or mutanogenic agents into harmless substances. Our technology is designed to accelerate oil degradation of contaminated land.

Please contact us at orders@soil-bio-remediation.com with information on site location, size and type of spill, etc).