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bio remediation products Soil Bioremediation Inc has been dedicated to the development of bioremediation technology in an effort to provide clients with a safe, cost effective, and all natural approach to the removal of crude oil and chemical spill contaminations. Soil Bioremediation is exclusive distributor of bioremediation products based on patent-pending technology developed at Altogen Labs, a GLP-compliant laboratory located in Austin, Texas. Our products are optimized for crude oil spills, however this technology is also applicable for many other types of PAH soil contaminations. Our products have the ability to clean such contaminations as crude oil spills, mixtures of hydrocarbons, fuel and other types of industrial waste spills Through the natural metabolism of specialized microbes we eliminate waste products, degrade pollutants and leave an environmentally friendly habitat behind. The natural degradation of crude oil spills can be enhanced by bioaugmentation techniques used to introduce the indigenous bacterial populations of an environment. The microorganisms used to remediate pollutants and oil spills from contaminated areas must be specialized for the environmental conditions of a particular contamination. Many environmental factors play a role in the success of bioremediation, therefore effectiveness of bacterial products depends on multiple environmental factors (such as humidity, oxygen availability, pH, temperature, latitude, type of oil, etc) and formulation must be optimized for specific environmental conditions. Please contact us at orders@soil-bio-remediation.com with information on site location, size and type of spill, etc – we will be glad to provide cost estimate for specific bioremediation project.