Remediation Bio Reagent, 1 kg

Catalog #92445 Remediation Bio Reagent, 1 kg: $12,400 USD
  • Dry powder natural bioreagent, high concentration (add water to activate)
  • Addition of water activate bioremediation microorganisms that actively degrade PAHs
  • Packaged into single vial (1 kg)
  • Sufficient for a single treatment of chemical spill (crude oil, gasoline, diesel, engine oils, etc) of 1,000 square meters and depth of up to 1 meter
  • Include dry natural microorganisms, organic, non-toxic bioreagent
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Altogen Labs provides bioremediation products and soil remediation contract research services. We offer complete remediation project design, delelopment, and implementation, from contaminated site analysis to treatment and complete clean up validation.