Soil Bioremediation Inc: Bioremediation Services

site remediation oil spill Bioaugmentation and biostimulation services provide bioremediation in situ treatments of groundwater and soils. Although native dechlorinating populations are most acclimated to their indigenous areas, unfortunately the efficacy and population size of naturally present microorganisms are very limited, therefore bioaugmentation products are powerful tool for enhancing growth and efficacy of both the native populations and the (re)introduced microorganism populations. Our services include assistance in the training and methodology associated with bioremediation techniques. Various methods of administration of bioaugmentation products are available. Administration of powder concentrated formulas requires addition of water to activate the microorganisms. The product can be applied by spraying or simply dumping onto contamination sites. Based on the size of the spill the administration of the product should be considered to determine the most cost efficient application. It is of upmost importance to maintain an environment in which the microbes can be fully functional and viable. For best results, environmental factors need to be considered to pinpoint the nutrient needs and optimize effectiveness of bioremediation. Our staff is highly experienced and will happily consult with you regarding the administration of our product to the specific site. Please contact us at with information on site location, size and type of spill, etc).